Influenza A, Subtype H1N1


Influenza, though only first making a prominent appearance in the scientific literature in the early nineteenth century, has plagued humanity since at least the 1500s. Given this, its scientific study extends far back, easily preceding identification of the first virus, and resulting in a somewhat overwhelming abundance of literature. I have chosen to focus on H1N1 for this project, though it is common that scientific understanding of the H1N1 subtype is informed by studies in other influenza strains or virology at large.

Presented below are four core themes, and two less prominent, supplementary themes*, which describe the nature of biochemical research in H1N1 and influenza available. Click on a link below to get started!

  1. Clinical Characterization
  2. Identification and Characterization of the Causative Agent
  3. Cellular and Molecular Basis of Infection 
  4. Host Immunity & Preserving the Healthy State
  5. Treatment, Prevention, & Transmission 
  6. Examining Genetic Factors & Predispositions*

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